The following terms and conditions apply to all uniforms orders purchased by employees (“You/Your”) via Infinite Care’s (“Us/Our”) uniform order portal (“Portal”).

  1. Payroll Deduction
    1. Orders placed via the Portal may be paid for by way of an employee payroll deduction (“Payroll Deduction”).
    2. You acknowledge and agree that Payroll Deduction is principally for Your benefit.
    3. By accepting these terms and conditions, You acknowledge and agree that Your acceptance of these terms and conditions represents a written authorisation for the purposes of section 324(1) of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) to deduct monies from Your wages in accordance with these terms and conditions.
    4. The amount/s to be deducted from Your wages and the frequency of deductions have been selected by You. The amount/s are specified in the Portal which forms part of these terms and conditions.
    5. The maximum amount available to You via Payroll Deduction is $350.
    6. You are not permitted to have more than 1 Payroll Deduction at any one time.
  2. Frequency of Payroll Deductions
    1. Frequency of deductions will occur either over 1, 2 or 3 payroll periods as selected by You in the Portal.
    2. Where You have selected a deduction over 1 payroll period, the entire amount payable will be deducted from your wages at next payroll period, otherwise deductions will be made in equal instalments as stipulated in the Portal.
    3. Where Your employment is terminated and You have an outstanding Payroll Deduction balance, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding termination of Your employment, You consent to Us deducting an amount equal to the total outstanding Payroll Deduction balance from Your final pay.
    4. Where Your employment is terminated, You have an outstanding Payroll Deduction balance and Your final pay is insufficient to pay Your total outstanding Payroll Deduction balance, You must pay Your total outstanding Payroll Deduction balance in full within 7 days of cessation of Your employment.
  3. Refunds, Returns and Exchanges
    1. There are no cash refunds available for purchases made via the Portal.
    2. If goods purchased by You are faulty or damaged You may request an exchange of such goods for replacements goods of an equal value, or a return credit for future purchases.
    3. You may exchange goods purchased by You where you require a different size where the goods purchased remain in a merchantable condition with swing tags attached.
    4. All returns and exchanges must be processed by downloading the returns form from the Uniform ordering portal and completing the details. Then post the item/s and form back to the address as indicated on the returns form